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The key to Sentient Legal Solutions' unique offering in cyber security is the combination of legal, business and technological know-how. This mix allows us to assist in the communication between these departments in your organization. 

Cyber Resilience

Challenges in implementing effective and efficient cyber security solutions rest with the understanding of potential threat scenarios in the triangle of technical perspective, organizational challenge and legal requirement. Being able to address all areas in a holistic approach will be critical in achieving cyber resilience.  Sentient Legal Solutions is uniquely positioned to facilitate discussions and work with you on the implementation from all angles. In constant exchange with top cyber security professionals, having supported clients in major incident situations, and understanding the legal, financial and reputational risk of non-compliance, we partner with you to implement your bespoke, effective and efficient cyber resilience solution.  Beyond the immediate operational and monetary risk, civil liability and reputational threats, companies feel the impact of swiftly increasing regulation. Countries and regions have identified and experienced vulnerability to cyber-attacks in general and cyber-warfare in particular. At the inception, regulation targeting critical infrastructure had priority, but it has long started to broaden. We offer advice beyond the check-the-box solution and work with you to remain or get ahead of the curve. 

Why Sentient Legal Solutions?


We offer the experience and knowledge to live up to the promise - stemming from education and extensive work in law, management and IT. 


We remain in regular exchange with cyber security professionals in the industry and government agencies. "State-of-the-art" to us means the most advanced yet proven set up both in technical terms and in response to regulatory compliance. 


There is no "one size fits all." Your organization deserves to be treated as uniquely as you are, with solutions that match your threat landscape and regulatory setting. 


Cyber resilience can be the starting point or the conclusion of the journey. You may have learned from experience or seek to avoid it. Either way, solid processes and state of the art infrastructure are your endgame.

Threats to your cyber resilience are largely outside your organization, but also unintentional internal mismanagement of (personal) data can lead to a data breach. Depending on your starting point, you will go through the stages of cyber security in sequence.


Building Cyber Resilience

Cyber resilience is the goal, where your efforts to approach the goal are the first line of defense. It is an iterative process – with or without an actual incident – in which you learn from internal experience and engage with external experts to prevent experiences already made. We provide a holistic approach by including protective measures, such as preserving legal privilege and consideration of secondary impact scenarios, such as investigations, litigation and reputational risks.

Incident Response

The initial response to an incident in a structured and sophisticated way determines the ability to comply with regulatory requirements and greatly influences the impact on your organization. We support your compliance with reporting obligations and ongoing interaction with supervisory, investigative and other potentially involved authorities. As part of your team, we provide strategic advice in different areas, including communication, to protect your organization from litigation and reputational risks.


The final stage implements lessons learned to further your organization’s cyber resilience. Sentient Legal Solutions assists with third party claims and works with you on the post incident analysis and remediation measures.

Advice from experienced lawyers throughout the process comes from a deep understanding of regulatory developments and with the hindsight gained from legal aftermath. Sentient Legal Solutions has cross-jurisdictional experience and collaborates with top professionals globally in the legal and technological industries. We provide you with the flexibility to implement a team chosen solely for their outstanding experience and reputation.


We are focused on the EU regulatory framework and its implementation into member state laws. We work with top professionals worldwide to provide guidance on the applicability and implementation requirements of cyber security regulations. We advise in the blend of the legal requirements, your security concerns and the implementation of state-of-the-art technology. 


In your hour of need, we stand ready. From our toolkit, developed over extensive time, we provide you with templates, structural input and communication experience. We partner with top professionals in the technology industry and work with you to staff your investigation teams. 


We partner with top professionals in cyber security technology to provide balanced advice on legal and systemic risks in your transactions – a moment of elevated cyber risk. Our support covers – amongst other – regulatory frameworks, civil liability and technology risks stemming from changes to your supply chain and customers, technology transfer and licensing, market position, jurisdictional range and outsourcing.