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The development of economic sanctions as a part of foreign policy has moved at a different pace throughout the world. There is an aspiration to unify legal requirements and definitions with AML laws and regulations. We provide decade long experience from major investigations to daily compliance challenges.

Economic Sanctions / AML / CTF Compliance

Building on over a decade of extensive sanctions experience, advising clients since the inception of complex sanctions regulation in the EU over 10 years ago, Sentient Legal Solutions is well prepared to support in a variety of client needs.

From experience in large scale sanctions investigations to working with clients throughout their structure allows us to provide a wide range of advice, from strategic preparation of a robust compliance to rapid response to daily challenges.

We have consulted with EU and domestic authorities as well as US authorities. Through our relationships we seek to provide a better understanding to our clients and offer an industry perspective to authorities.

Why Sentient Legal Solutions?


Over a decade of experience in advising clients on economic sanctions.

Global Network

We have long-standing relationships with top professionals globally, free to choose from the best.

Investigation Practice

We have supported clients in large scale global investigations.

Business Enabler

Economic sanctions are part of the foreign policy toolbox of countries and regions. The last two decades have seen economic sanctions become one of the preferred instruments. Yet, their effectiveness remains challenged.

We support your organization with decade long experience to navigate this complex field effectively and efficiently. We seek to help you make your strong compliance your business enabler.

Understanding and remaining compliant with economic sanctions is part of any company's overall compliance program. While certain sectors (particularly finance and trade) are by nature more sophisticated, compliance with economic sanctions is every company's and individual's responsibility.

Sentient Legal Solutions advises international and regional banks as well as companies in a variety of industries. A firm grasp of the different sanctions regimes, their reach and their implications, reduce risk and enable business by avoiding unwarranted over-compliance.

Regulators are as deliberate as they can be in crafting economic sanctions law and intend no more or less than the proper reading of the law in the context of the lawmakers' intention. Over-compliance leads to unwanted economic effects and potentially civil liability of the organization.


The key to organizational resilience is a robust compliance setup. With our experience we support and strengthen your efforts to cover your areas of demand.


Whether in the moment of crisis or your everyday request, we provide fast and structured support.


We offer decade-long experience and pride ourselves with exceptionally high customer satisfaction. Every aspect of the delivery of our services aims at providing you with the qualified support you deserve.