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We believe in working with you as partners to do our best work, we believe in being facilitators and business enablers, we find strength in our diversity and draw from our experiences to implement solutions that fit your unique culture and setup.
Our vision is to provide honest and transparent solutions at the peak of the legal profession that enable our clients to pursue their business in harmony with regulations and a step ahead. We aspire to be a reliable partner providing strong, sustainable and innovative solutions.


Our Principles

We advise only in areas of significant experience. We mix our expertise with passion to achieve the best possible results.

We believe true quality can only be achieved through dedication and passion, combined with relevant experience.

We work together. We listen. We seek to understand your business and your cultural approach.

Compliance is both a business protector and enabler. This dual objective can be achieved by participating in and understanding regulatory developments, being ready for what is to come through proactive management and anticipating upcoming developments.


Our focus is on compliance in the areas of economic sanctions, anti-money laundering and cyber security. We have extensive experience in large scale, cross-border investigations – particularly between the US and EU jurisdictions. Our deep passion for - and experience in - business management and relevant aspects of technology are channeled into our legal work.

We work closely with clients to achieve the best results. We support and value each other. We are people centric. We aspire to have a positive impact.

We partner with like-minded professionals of all areas and encourage the dialog with authorities.

what we do

Professional Services

Economic Sanctions / AML / CTF

The development of economic sanctions as a part of foreign policy has moved at a different pace throughout the world. There is an aspiration to unify legal requirements and definitions with AML laws and regulations. We provide decade long experience ranging from major investigations to daily compliance challenges.

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Cyber Security

The key to Sentient Legal Solutions' unique offering in cyber security is the combination of legal, business and technological know-how. This mix allows us to assist in the communication between these departments in your organization. 

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Legal Tech

We are passionate about technology. We believe in incorporating legal technology where it can improve productivity, performance and user experience. Our advice focuses both on the legal requirements that accompany the use of legal technology and whether its implementation is appropriate for the particular matter.

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Even internal investigations frequently pose the most complex challenges to clients in terms of structure, time and consequently cost. We are committed to helping clients achieve preparedness or assist throughout the process. With our legal, technical and practical experience, we offer suitable and efficient strategies for your organization.

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Why Us?

Because we care about your business and we are passionate about what we are doing!

  • Experience and market recognition

  • Practicable solutions for your organization

  • Passionate about doing our best work for you

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In our legal practice, we strive to strike the perfect balance between form and function. From navigating intricate legal documents to providing expert advice, our philosophy centers around simplicity. Our collective style is characterized by clarity, clean structures and effective legal solutions. If you're seeking professional legal assistance, the team is ready to help – reach out, and let's work together!