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Even internal investigations frequently pose the most complex challenges to clients in terms of structure, time and consequently cost. We are committed to helping clients achieve preparedness or assist throughout the process. With our legal, technical and practical experience, we offer suitable and efficient strategies for your organization.


Assessing preparedness of an organization for an investigation requires a step-by-step understanding of how it will unfold throughout the organization. Assessing the merits of the allegation(s) and ensuring compliance with all legal obligations is essential. Equally essential - and often neglected - is the understanding of the reality of an investigation in- and alongside the regulatory framework.

With over a decade of experience in large global investigations, Sentient Legal Solutions provides an in-depth insight into the impact of an investigation over time and throughout all levels of an organization. Our offering ranges from having policies, teams and instructions in place to ensuring your IT will be up to the task.







Why Sentient Legal Solutions

With over a decade of experience, working with top management on the strategic approach while fully integrating throughout the organization on all levels, Sentient Legal Solutions brings its unique skillset to your disposal. We have extensive cross-jurisdictional experience in negotiating with EU and US authorities from initial contact to a potential settlement and partner with established professionals in their fields and jurisdictions to provide you with the most professional team.

  • People

    Competence and Staffing

  • Procedures

    Structure and Instructions

  • Technology

    Legal Hold and E-Discovery

Being Ready

Efficiency and consequently the impact of a review of the data relevant to the investigation will depend on the organization’s ability to preserve and produce data in a systematic manner. The external participants in the investigation will dictate the organization's ability to process and produce personal data and address labour law concerns.

Different legal systems will require a different approach to conducting the review. We assist in understanding and complying with diverse systems and consider wide ranging collateral impacts of a compliance review inside and outside your organization.

We acknowledge the value of individual excellence in different fields and partner with top professionals and firms globally to meet your needs.


In the face of allegations of wrongdoing, the initial steps taken for an impending investigation will significantly determine the path and outcome. Learning by doing may prove to be a costly approach.


In addition to a document review, an accounting review may be required where financial transactions are relevant to the case. They are separate yet overlapping streams of an investigation that require joint oversight.


Lessons learned are part of any process. Many authorities demand or at least expect the organization to propose remediation measures at an early stage of an investigation and require some form of continued monitoring following the resolution of the underlying case.