Armin Hendrich’s practice focuses on regulatory compliance with an emphasis on economic sanctions and cyber security laws of the European Union. He has advised clients on international and domestic matters in these areas, including large scale international investigations and class action cases. Building on his background in IT and management, paired with 15 years of extensive experience in US driven investigations and litigation of EU companies, Armin has been a pioneer of legal technology in Europe and continues to work extensively with top tech professionals globally.

Before embarking onto his legal career, Armin co-founded an IT startup. For the past 15 years, his practice of law has focused on the intersection of US and European laws and regulations and the impact of US (e)discovery practices on EU companies.

Working with e-discovery systems and cross-jurisdictional challenges for exchange of information between the US and EU jurisdictions since 2010, Armin was part of the pioneer phase of legal tech in Europe and continues to advise clients in collaboration with global legal tech and cyber security experts.

Since 2014, Armin has advised large European financial institutions and insurance groups on EU economic sanctions laws and collaborated extensively with US colleagues in US driven sanctions investigations. Having extensively worked with colleagues in Russia since 2014 to ensure compliance with all applicable legal regimes, he is ideally placed to guide clients with continued exposure. Moreover, Armin provides his experience in the field to clients seeking a robust and proven strategy for their investments in China and the wider Southeast Asia region.

In 2018, Armin brought his deep technological experience to the legal field of cyber security. He has advised clients regionally and locally, and managed the European regulatory impact for one of the largest cyber incidents in US history.